Program 2021

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First Conference Day May 13, 2021, 15:00 – 19:00
Online (Zoom) Important: Please note that all times are displayed in Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is UTC+2.
15:00 – 15:15 Welcome Address
Session 1:
Investment Decisions and Household Finance
Thursday, 15:15 – 17:00
  Familiarity breeds short-termism
Ellapulli Vasudevan*(1)
(1): ESCP Business School, Paris, France
Discussant: William J. Bazley
  Human Capital Risk and Portfolio Choices: Evidence from University Admission Discontinuities
Philippe d’Astous* (1), Stephen H. Shore (2)
(1): HEC Montréal, Canada
(2): Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, United States of America
Discussant: Ellapulli Vasudevan
  Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Financial Decisions
William J. Bazley* (1), Carina Cuculiza (2), Kevin Pisciotta (1)
(1): University of Kansas, United States of America
(2): University of Miami, United States of America
Discussant: Philippe d’Astous
17:00 – 17:15 Break
Session 2:
Behavioral Finance
Thursday, 17:15 – 19:00
  Can Agents Add and Subtract When Forming Beliefs?
Pascal Kieren (1), Jan Müller-Dethard* (1), Martin Weber (1)
(1): University of Mannheim, Germany
Discussant: Qiguang Wang
  Complexity Aversion when Seeking Alpha
Tarik Umar* (1)
(1): Rice University
Discussant: Jan Müller-Dethard
  Disagreement about public information quality and informational price efficiency
Chong Huang (1), Radhika Lunawat (2), Qiguang Wang* (1)
(1): University of California, Irvine, United States of America
(2): Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Discussant: Tarik Umar
Second Conference Day May 14, 2021, 09:00 – 16:25
Online (Zoom) Important: Please note that all times are displayed in Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is UTC+2.
Keynote Sustainable Finance Friday, 9:20 – 10:20
  Keynote by Zacharias Sautner(1): “Climate Finance”
(1): Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Session 3:
Fintech and Sustainable Finance
Friday, 10:20 – 11:30
  Sustainability Preferences Under Stress: Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows During COVID-19
Robin Döttling* (1), Sehoon Kim (2)
(1): Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
(2): University of Florida, United States of America
Discussant: Xiaomeng Lu
  FinTech Platforms and Mutual Fund Distribution
Claire Yurong Hong (1), Xiaomeng Lu* (1), and Jun Pan (1), (2)
(1): Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
(2): China Acedemy of Financial Research (CAFR), China
Discussant: Robin Döttling
11:30 – 13:00 Break
Session 4:
Retail Investors
Friday, 13:00 – 14:10
  Inflation and Investors’ Behavior: Evidence from the German Hyperinflation
Fabio Braggion (1), Felix von Meyerinck* (2), Nic Schaub (3)
(1): Tilburg University, Netherlands
(2): University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
(3): WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
Discussant: Rainer Baule
  What is your Desire? Retail Investor Preferences in Structured Products
Rainer Baule* (1), Patrick Münchhalfen (1)
(1): University of Hagen, Germany
Discussant: Felix von Meyerinck
14:10 – 14:25 Break
Session 5:
Mutual Fund Management and Asset Pricing
Friday, 14:25 – 16:10
  Expected Bond Liquidity
Michael Reichenbacher (1), Philipp Schuster* (2), Marliese Uhrig-Homburg (1)
(1): Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
(2): University of Stuttgart, Germany
Discussant: Oscar Stolper
  Leveling the playing field? The effect of disclosing fund manager activeness to individual investors
Dominik Scheld (1), Oscar Stolper* (1), Andreas Walter (2)
(1): University of Marburg, Germany
(2): University of Giessen, Germany
Discussant: Richard Evans
  Peer versus Pure Benchmarks in the Compensation of Mutual Fund Managers
Richard Evans (1), Juan-Pedro Gómez (2), Linlin Ma (3), Yuehua Tang* (4)
(1): University of Virginia, United States of America
(2): IE University, Spain
(3): Peking University, China
(4): University of Florida, United States of America
Discussant: Philipp Schuster
16:25 End
*Presenting Author