Terms and Conditions & Disclaimer

General Terms and Conditions of Business

Terms and Conditions & Disclaimer
General Terms and Conditions of Business

These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply with effect from 13 May 2009. They supersede the previous General Terms and Conditions of Business of 10 June 2005.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By actively retrieving content from the website https://www.retailinvestmentconference.org/ and its (sub)pages (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Website”) you declare your consent to these General Terms and Conditions of Business by implication through conduct. Should you not consent to the following General Terms and Conditions of Business please refrain from accessing this Website.
To the use of Boerse Stuttgart Research Database additionally applies the User Guide https://www.retailinvestmentconference.org/data-for-research/details.html.

1. General conditions of use for https://www.retailinvestmentconference.org/
Parts of this Website may be protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated copyright, industrial property rights and other rights in all content on the Website (“Content”) are owned solely and fully by Boerse Stuttgart GmbH or Boerse Stuttgart GmbH owns the necessary rights of use.
The Content on this Website may only be used freely to view the Content with a standard browser (“Normal Retrieving”).
You may not alter, copy, publish, disseminate or save this Website including the source text and the underlying computer program (“Material”) other than in the course of Normal Retrieving. The Material may only be used for non-commercial, private purposes. Copyright must be strictly observed.
Other than that, you may not reproduce Content in electronic, written or any other form or pass them on in data processing facilities, networks and to third parties without the prior written consent of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH. This also applies to parts of the Content. Copying the Content or parts thereof into e-mail newsletters or other media for dissemination is strictly forbidden. You may not set up an Internet link (hyperlink) from another website to a page on this Website without the prior written consent of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH. In particular, this Website or parts thereof may not be incorporated in a framework structure (“Frames”) by a so called framing in such a way that Content of the Website and other content are displayed simultaneously.
Within the context of a partial or complete termination Boerse Stuttgart GmbH reserves the right to restrict access to the Content of the Website or to withdraw the Website completely at any time and by observing a notice period of one week. Restriction or withdrawal may also occur without observing the notice period if Boerse Stuttgart GmbH is unable to observe the notice period for reasons for which it is not responsible.

2. Content of the Website and exclusion of liability
Content: Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and its contractual partners make every effort with due care of a prudent businessman to ensure that the information on this Website is correct, complete and up-to-date. However, they do not assume warranty (Gewähr) for this.
The data, figures, studies, evaluations, graphics and other information which are displayed on this Website or which can be accessed via hyperlinks to external Internet areas do not represent investment advice. They are solely for information purposes and should not under any circumstances be regarded as an invitation or enticement to buy or sell a security or as advice in this respect.
Boerse Stuttgart GmbH has no intention to enter into an agreement to provide consultancy or advice particularly as it has no knowledge of whether and to what extent information contained on this Website or accessed in the manner mentioned above might be used by the individual user in a specific case as a basis for making a decision on significant asset disposals.
Although we apply great care in producing our Website errors cannot be ruled out completely. Statements contained on this Website or information which is made available in the manner set out above do not constitute any guarantee on the part of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH.
Liability: Boerse Stuttgart GmbH does not accept liability for breaches of duty due to simple negligence in as far as such breaches do not affect life, health and the body or claims under the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz). This applies accordingly to breaches of duty on the part of vicarious agents of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH.

3. Conditions for using the news services
Boerse Stuttgart GmbH allows users (here: private persons) of this Website to receive regular information (market reports and newsletters) by e-mail.
This news service can only be accessed if the user is fully and truthfully registered using the form provided on the Website. Although Boerse Stuttgart GmbH compiles the information in the news service with due care it does not assume any warranty (Gewähr) that such information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. The user can terminate the agreement to use the news service at any time and without prior notice.

4. Links to other websites and external links
The Website contains links to external websites. Boerse Stuttgart GmbH is not responsible for the content of such external websites or for information displayed on them being up-to-date. Boerse Stuttgart GmbH has no influence on the design and content of external websites. Boerse Stuttgart GmbH does not adopt the content of the websites to which it provides links and is not responsible for the content of such websites.

5. Severability clause
If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business should be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which, as far as possible, shall reflect the meaning and purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies to any lacuna.

6. Trade mark rights
Most of the terms used on the Website to describe securities or indices are protected under trade mark law. The rights in such terms are held either by Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, by Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse GmbH or by third parties. These terms may only be used in a manner which complies with trade mark law.

7. Privacy policy
If registration is necessary, Boerse Stuttgart GmbH does not pass the personal data collected to third parties other than as prescribed by statute. Personal data are only collected, processed and used by Boerse Stuttgart GmbH in order to execute the agreement with the user, unless the user has declared its consent for an additional use.
Third Party shall not include persons or bodies commissioned to collect, process or use personal data in Germany on behalf of Gruppe Börse Stuttgart.

8. Applicable law, jurisdiction
All legal relationships between Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and the user are subject solely to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes between Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and the user arising out of or in connection with the use of this Website shall be Stuttgart.

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