Doctoral Consortium 2013

ERIC welcomed Ph.D. students to submit working papers or preliminary drafts of one of their Ph.D. essays to the doctoral consortium that took place on April 24th, 2013 at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. Presentations were 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes open questions and discussion. Ph.D. students accepted to the doctoral consortium were also invited to stay for the main conference. Accommodation and registration for accepted Ph.D. students were free of charge.

Doctoral student best paper award
Doctoral students were encouraged to submit research papers and participate in the program. A best paper award of 600 EUR and a second best paper award of 400 EUR were awarded to the best doctoral papers. The awards were gratefully sponsored by “Sparkassen Finanzgruppe Wissenschaftsförderung”, an initiative of the German Savings Bank Finance Group to promote science and education.

Participating Senior Researchers
Prof. Hans-Peter Burghof (University of Hohenheim, Germany), Prof. Robert Jung (University of Hohenheim, Germany), Prof. Alok Kumar (University of Miami, USA), Prof. Ryan Riordan (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada), Prof. Tereza Tykvova (University of Hohenheim, Germany)

See below for the program of the 2nd ERIC Doctoral Consortium.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
10:30-11:00Registration and welcome coffee at Boerse Stuttgart
11:00-11:45Bus transfer to the University of Hohenheim
Paper Presentations – Part 1  
11:45-12:15Valuation and Properties of Leverage Endless Knockout Certificates on Government Bond Futures
Oliver Entrop (1), Christian Peters* (2),
Marco Wilkens (2)
(1): University of Passau, Germany (2): University of
Augsburg, Germany
12:15-12:45Planning for Retirement
Terrance Martin* (1), Michael Finke (1)
(1): Texas Tech University, USA
12:45-13:15The Demand for Mortgage Insurance
Ruben Cox* (1)
(1): Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus
University, Netherlands
13:30-14:00Latency in Fragmented Markets
Thomas Katzschner* (1)
(1): University of Jena, Germany
14:00-14:30Need For Speed? Low Latency Trading and Adverse Selection
Albert Menkveld (1), Marius Andrei Zoican* (1)
(1): VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
14:30-15:00Coffee break
Paper Presentations – Part 2  
15:00-15:30May I Have Your Attention, Please: The Market Microstructure of Investor Attention
Christopher Fink (1), Thomas Johann* (1)
(1): University of Mannheim, Germany
15:30-16:00Does Limited Attention Affect Investors Choices
Hedi Benamar (1)
(1): HEC Paris, France
16:15-16:45Persuasion and Persuasibility of Individual Investors by Scenarios
Rainer Baule (1), Philip Blonski* (1), Thomas Schili (2), Arnd Wiedemann (2)
(1): University of Hagen, Germany
(2): University of Siegen, Germany
16:45-17:15Yes, Value Investors Do Recommend Value Stocks, and they Are Profitable, too!
Christian Curac* (1), Sebastian Lobe (1), Christian
Walkshäusl (2)
(1): WHL Graduate School of Business and
Economics, University of Lahr, Germany
(2): University of Regensburg, Germany
Invited Talk  
17:15-18:00Invited talk: Ryan Riordan, University of Ontario
Institute of Technology, Canada
18:00Bus transfer to the city center/Boerse Stuttgart
19:00Wine reception at Boerse Stuttgart
*Presenting author