Stuttgart Financial

Stuttgart’s surrounding area is a very dynamic economical region and one of the biggest economic centres in Europe. Baden-Wuerttemberg is world-famous for its engineering industry and is the home of global corporations such as Daimler, Bosch and Porsche. During the process of industrialization, the fast growing real industry was in need of financial support, so many financial institutes, such as private banks and a stock exchange, were established in the Stuttgart region.

Today, Stuttgart still has a vibrant and fast growing financial sector and its strong alliances with the local industrial companies are a distinctive feature. It is one of the most important financial centres in Germany which includes a large variety of Germany’s top notch financial services companies. For instance, Germany's largest Federal State Bank, the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, is headquartered in Stuttgart. Because of its dynamic economic environment, the city and its region are a very interesting spot for credit institutes and banks. This is why 17 major financial institutes are headquartered in Stuttgart and 346 institutes are located around the city. Several leading development banks such as the L-Bank which is one of Europe’s largest development banks are located right in the centre of Stuttgart.

The Stuttgart region is also an important location for insurance companies of which several have their principal office in or nearby Stuttgart. Amongst these insurers is also Europe’s largest life insurance company the Allianz Leben. Additionally, the Stuttgart region is the cradle of the home loan banks. Germany’s largest home loan bank, the Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, and three other leading institutes are headquartered nearby Stuttgart. Furthermore, Stuttgart is home to the European market leader in the securitised derivatives segment, Boerse Stuttgart, which is also Germany's leading stock exchange for private investors.

In order to promote Stuttgart as a financial centre it is essential to raise public awareness within the financial community and beyond its borders. The Association of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Securities Exchange (Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e.V.) hereby serves as a focal point for interests relevant to the financial centre. It is not only their obligation but also their mission to support the financial centre of Stuttgart. That is why, in a joint initiative with their partners, the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs of Baden Württemberg and the Foundation of Banking Economics (Stiftung Kreditwirtschaft) at the University of Hohenheim, they set up “Stuttgart Financial”. The objectives of this platform are to improve identification and solidarity within the financial centre and to act as its public face and representative to the outside world. Stuttgart Financial supports the interests of the financial centre in Baden-Württemberg since 2007.

As a platform for professionals, graduates and students working in finances, Stuttgart Financial aims to create and strengthen networks at the financial centre by organising professional meetings and social events. Stuttgart Financial also arranges meetings between experts and the press and supports company events. On its website, in a newsletter and several social networks, such as Twitter and Xing, Stuttgart Financial informs about the latest developments at the financial centre and stays in touch with the financial community.

Stuttgart Financial also provides extensive information about the financial centre and is involved in several national and international projects such as scientific studies and conferences dealing with topical questions in the financial domain.
Though being a vibrant and innovative financial centre, Stuttgart has to deal with the problems of demographic change: Because of the ageing society it is constantly getting harder to find young professionals to further develop the financial centre in the future. Therefore, Stuttgart Financial is currently establishing an online-platform with information about the possibilities in financial education and qualification in Baden-Württemberg. The platform also informs about local financial companies and job opportunities. Herewith Stuttgart Financial wants to induce young professionals and university graduates to consider a career in the region.